Are we filing humans up like a pail or lighting a fire in them?

“The most important attitude that can be formed is that of desire to go on learning.” – John Dewey

Digging into what it means to learn and grow in the grassroots movement of education.

Featuring perspectives from Stef, a mom in Ann Arbor, Michigan who’s studying for her MA in progressive education at Prescott College, along with Omar, a Syrian doctor now seeking refuge in Germany because of the Syrian Civil War. Definition of “community” from episode guest Stef: “Being in a group of people that hold themselves accountable, and also you accountable, for the harmony of the whole.”

Additional quotes from inventor Nikola Tesla, Jeff Salaway (contributing founder of the Hayground School), and marketing consultant Seth Godin are featured in this episode. Learning tool mentioned by Stef: a “Kanban Board” (originally invented in Japan). Learning source mentioned by Stef, the Alliance for Self-Directed Education. Music in this episode from AJ Bihn, Honey Monsoon, and The Harmony Collective in Ypsi, MI.

Produced by Corey Coates of Podfly Productions.

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