What does playfulness mean to you?

One proposed key for play is having a space we can be together out of our shells…

A volunteer shares about a creative center she helped spark with other volunteers on Chios Island, Greece. What started with volunteering for 3 weeks, turned into a summer of nurturing relationships. Former Al-Jazeera Producer Ali speaks about how she created a space for refugees to have a place to express themselves in a playful way on the island of Chios in Greece (recorded July, 2017). Island mentioned by Ali during conversation is called ‘Tilos’. Interview taken before Souda camp was taken down by Greek military.

Refugees are still being served by Chios Eastern Shore Response (CESRT) on the Chio shores. To learn more about Chios Eastern Shore Response Team, visit http://www.facebook.com/chiosesrt.

Annie Dillard excerpt from “The Annie Dillard Reader” Chapter: “Total Eclipse.” Music graciously provided by Ana and Taylor of the band Honey Monsoon. “Namaste! Babies know more than we do” recorded at the Shinnecock Reservation on Long Island, NY August, 2017.

Produced by Corey Coates of Podly Productions.